Technical Specification

The Pavilion Theatre is a hub of activity during Spring and Autumn concert season with the finest of one night visiting shows.  Stage Manager Phil Broughton and his tech crew are on hand to answer any questions or queries if you cannot find what you are looking for below,  email 


For shows with minimal sound and light requirements (e.g. stand-up comedy, mediumship, hypnotist etc) it may be possible by prior arrangement for the lighting operator to additionally operate the sound. For all other shows the Artiste will need to provide a sound engineer and any additional equipment. If theatre is asked to provide these there will be a full re-charge to the Artiste/Promoter for the hiring in of these services.

Yamaha 01v96i digital desk with 2 Behringer ADAT convertors.

If required this can be replaced with a Soundcraft GB8 32 Ch Mixer, (8 Aux sends, 8 Group Sends and 4 Stereo Returns) at extra cost.

1 x Tascam MD-350 Mini Disk Recorder

1 x Denon DcD-625 Cd Player

A Hire Charge on all of the above will be applicable.

3 x Multicore: 1.  Pit multi 20 sends.

  1. Stage right multicore 12 sends, 6 returns.
  2. Stage left multicore 12 sends, 6 returns.

Sound rig consisting of                  2 x Yamaha DXR12 (stereo pair on pros)

                                                            2 x Yamaha DXR10 (centre cluster on truss)

                                                            1 x EAW VRS18

                                                            2 x EAW JF80

                                                            2 x Forte BG208

                                                            6 x Martin EM15

Microphones:              3 x SM58 – Hire Charge will be applicable

                                       2 x Crown PCC-160 – Hire Charge will be applicable

                                       2 x Sennheiser SK300 G3 (handhelds) – Hire Charge will be applicable

                                       6 x Sennheiser SK300 G3 (body packs) – Hire Charge will be applicable

                                       5 x Straight Mic Stands

                                       3 x Boom Mic Stands

Coms:                           6 x Canford Beltpack BP111

                                      6 x Canford Headset SMH 210

Please Note: We only have a limited number of XLR cables.

If you are using your own multicore then you will need approximately 40m/132’

If you are touring your own sound desk into the venue please read the next section carefully.


Between January and June we will position you on top of our sound position. This position is at the rear of the auditorium on the right side. The balcony is to your left, you are not underneath it.

From July to December you will be working over our resident show, and the visiting sound position will be immediately in front of our sound position.


Jands Vista S3 Lighting Desk

60 ways of Pulsar Dimming

24 x Par 64 Short Nose (CP95)

4 x Par 64 Short nose floor cans (CP60/CP62/CP95)

22 x Par 64 Long Nose (CP62)

8 x Par 64 Braced Long Nose (CP62)

6 x Cantata F

2 x Cantata 26/44

1 x Cantata 11/26

6 x Source 4 (26 degrees 750w)

6 x Coda 500/4

25 x Chroma DB4 Colour Block

2 x UV guns

2 x Par 36 Pinspot

2 x Robe 575xt

2 x Robe 250xt

6 x Martin Mac 600

6 x Chroma Q Scrollers and controller

1 x Lycian Starklite 1200w Long Throw Followspot

1 x 30cm Large Faceted Mirror Ball Plus Rotator

The theatre can provide a follow-spot operator at a re-charge of £15 per hour commencing at show call and ending at the close of show.

1 x Look Solutions Unique 2 Hazer – Hire Charge will be applicable

(A re-charge of £5 will apply for use of haze or smoke, plus £4 per quarter bottle of fluid used after first quarter bottle)

Please Note:

Refocusing, rerigging and recolouring will be recharged per lantern.

Power available to visiting companies.

1 x 63a 3-phase c-form

1 x 63a single phase c-form

2 x 32a single phase c-form

Various 13a and 15a sockets available around the stage, majority are stage left.


The stage has two different configurations used at different times of the year:

  1. June – December: Space restricted by two False Prosceniums (June – December) and the summer show scenery (June – September).
  2. January – May: Space restricted by two False Prosceniums without the summer show scenery, so more wing space available.

A cyclorama is permanently positioned upstage.

A starcloth is positioned immediately in front of this; the only control is on or off. Should you wish to use your own backcloth it can be hung on the Starcloth tab track (Max height 15’00’’/4.54m). If doing this then you will be unable to use the starcloth. All rigging must be done from the top of a ladder.

Prompt Corner is downstage left, with Front of House and Dressing Room calling facility. A small colour TV monitor showing stage from front of balcony is also in position. Comms to LX, Followspot, In-house Sound position and Stage Right (if requested).

Wing Space at stage level is extremely restricted.

There is an upper level stage left and right which can be used to store flight cases etc.

There is NO onstage backstage crossover. However the dressing room corridor is within easy reach and allows quick movement to either side of the stage.

Access to the stage from the dressing room corridor is via stairs (7 steps) Stage Left and Right. Access to the auditorium from the stage is via treads downstage right and left (each with six steps). Access to the auditorium from dressing rooms is via a pass door auditorium right and left.


Autumn & Spring Concert Season      Maximum of 7 dressing rooms of various sizes available.

1 x Ladies toilet and shower.

1 x Gents toilet and shower.

There is NO manned Stage Door entrance to the venue.

Limited towels are available for the dressing rooms providing advanced notice is given.


1 x Roland HP109-PE Digital Piano– Hire Charge will be applicable

1 x Kurzweil Pc88mx Electric Piano– Hire Charge will be applicable

There will be a reasonable at-cost re-charge to the Artiste/Promoter not exceeding £40 for retrieval of either of the above pianos from storage and for set up

2 x Risers (7’ x 4’ x 1’)/ (2.13m x 1.22m x 0.30m) we generally place these together and use them as a drum riser.

1 x Lit Music Stand

1 x Lit Conductors Stand