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Cast Interview – Marea Smithson

3rd August 2016 12:39 pm

Cast Interview – Marea Smithson

Our General Manager, Jo, caught up with comedy impressionist and local girl, Marea Smithson, to find out the story behind Marea’s fantastic appearance on Britain’s Got Talent 2012!

Where do you come from and currently live? 

I was born in Norwich and grew up there.  I now live in a small village near Dereham in the heart of Norfolk.  I live with my daughter.

Do you own any family pets? 

We have a Labrador called Fliss, a Bichon Frise called Barney, two cats, Mildred and Tigger and some goldfish!

When did you first start performing?  

I loved being in school productions at junior school and I used to write little comedy plays for myself and my friends to perform.

What was your first professional experience? 

I can’t really remember – it would have been when I was about 18 and probably at a local pub or club.

Where else have you performed in your career?

Mainly in Norfolk – talent shows at Princess Theatre, Hunstanton, Norwich prison (!), social clubs and holiday camps.

What’s your biggest professional achievement to date? 

I was the voice of Miranda Hart in ITV’s ‘Newzoids’ last year (2015).

Who have you worked with in your career? 

I was once on the bill with The Brother Lees.

Where is the best place you have performed and why?

‘The Talk’ in Norwich – the hospital held a talent night a few years ago – a great audience.

And where is the worst place you have performed?

British Rail Social Club, on a bingo night!

Have you ever had any embarrassing things go wrong during a performance? 

My mobility scooter wouldn’t start to get me off stage at the end of my performance, so I had to walk off and leave the scooter….!

What are you looking forward to most about spending the summer in Cromer? 

It will be so nice to do something completely different and have a change of scene.

Who do you have to thank for where you have got to in your career so far? 

My long suffering family!

Who inspired you to do what you are doing? 

I remember going to see The Russ Abbott Show at Great Yarmouth when I was about 17 and thinking, I want to do that!  I also loved watching Mike Yarwood, Janet Brown and Faith Brown. 

Who will be coming to support you this year?

I’m lucky in that being local I will have a lot of support with family, friends and the radiology department at Norfolk & Norwich Hospital all coming to the shows.

What will you be doing on your precious days off ?

Trying to be a domestic goddess!


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