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Traditional Kiosk

We all have a fondness for the quintessential traditional seaside kiosk experience,  scrumptious creamy whippy, tantalizing soft scoop ice cream, hot sugary donuts, refreshing slush, sticky candy floss and quality tea and coffee to go.   Whatever you fancy, at any time of the year we are here.

We serve scrumptious Yarde Farm ORGANIC soft scoop ice cream.   Made from super fresh organic milk and wholly natural ingredients and all but five of the flavours are also GLUTEN FREE.     Absolutely everything involved in making the ice cream is done on the family farm from “cow to cone” so you can be sure of fantastic quality and mouthwatering flavours.  Enjoy in a choice of wafer, waffle cone or in a tub with a spoon.

Making the perfect whippy is an art form all of its own, whether you prefer yours naked, or smothered in sprinkles, with a Cadbury flake or without, the choice is yours, the possibilities endless.  Quality, creamy whippy ice cream served in a traditional wafer cone or a tub for the little ones (lots less mess).

On a sweltering hot day, you can’t beat the rainbow colours of slush to cool you down.   Definitely not just for kids,  a guilt-free treat, sugar-free, completely natural colours and flavours, sweetened naturally with sugar substitute stevia, extracted from the stevia plant, 150 times sweeter than sugar and almost zero calories, so great for your waistline too.   Refreshing Polar Krush in a choice of flavours, strawberry, raspberry, why stop at one when you can mix it up a little (it tastes great and turns your tongue blue)  served in a closed cup with a biodegradable straw.   Why not treat yourself to one of our branded re-usable dude bottles in a choice of blue, pink or purple, just perfect for slush and you can use them again and again for any soft drink.

Guilty pleasures are always the best pleasures, seaside favourites,  scrummy hot ring donuts, smothered in sugar, made freshly for you served in a paper bag in fours or sixes just perfect to share, or not as the case may be..

Baby pink traditionally made candy floss served in a bag for you to enjoy, sticky fingers are inevitable, wet wipes desirable.

Never say no to a cuppa, if the children want ice cream and you are not feeling it, we serve Fairtrade tea,  delicious Miko coffee and hot chocolate served in a takeaway cup with a lid so that you can enjoy it on the go.   Why not treat yourself to one of our quality branded thermal reusable cups,  just perfect for keeping your drink hot and they fit in the drinks holder in the car for those last minute tea or coffee dashes when you are running late.

There is something for everybody to enjoy and something extra special and charming about enjoying goodies from a kiosk window, whether you are on holiday or lucky enough to live locally.  See you soon.


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