Some Enchanted Evening

31st March 2017 11:30 am

A catch up with Grant Koper the Executive Producer of Some Enchanted Evening

Some Enchanted Evening

We all love to know how a show is put together  It was great to catch up with Grant Koper the Executive Producer of Some Enchanted Evening as they embark on the first leg of their fifth UK tour here at the Theatre on Friday 14th April to get all the gossip!

The show was born in 2013 when I decided to create a Musical Revue with a difference. After combining the most stunning talent from the industry and creating a set list that included the beloved classics from the golden era of musical theatre, as well as more contemporary hits, Some Enchanted Evening was born. That year the show played to audiences in Grantham, Gainsborough and South London. 

Word spread about the show, and an exceptional ‘Old Time Music Hall’ venue in Sheerness invited the company to perform with them over Summer 2014. 

“It was at that point I realised this show would be fantastic touring the UK, with the aim of bringing a taste of West-End Theatre to them” Grant says. 

Matt Colyer  – of the cast says “We don’t just stand on stage and sing a song. We focus on delivering a performance that each song deserves” 

Florence Odumosu – of the cast says. “Its an absolute pleasure, as a performer, to be able to sing such a variety of the best songs from everybody’s favourite shows!”

Each year the show grows bigger and bigger and are adding more costumes, and routines to really bring the songs to life. 

Choosing the set list can be quite difficult as there are simply so many sub-genres of musical theatre, so many shows and so many songs to choose from. Each year we completely change our set list so people can come back and see a new show each time! This year we have some moments of humour, joy and sadness (not to much sadness ) which complement each other perfectly. 

The audience can’t resist singing along, and its wonderful when they do. To share a moment in a room when everyone is engrossed in what is happening on stage is truly magical. 

Rehearsals start on Monday and we usually take a few days just practicing the vocals. We sing the harmonies live on stage and get them as sharp as we can. The next stage of rehearsals is working on the routines and staging… after all we have to move in the same direction at the same time and even that takes practice. Once everything is together we do a few runs with costumes to make sure everyone is comfortable then we hit the road. 

Touring life is not always as glamorous as everyone thinks but we truly do get on with each other like a family. When you work long hours to travel and get ready for a show, it really makes a difference working with such a close group of people and that radiates in the performance.

Come and say hello after the show.