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The Cromer Pier Show opens with guest act ‘Tucker’!

19th July 2021 2:09 pm

The Cromer Pier Show opens with comedy genius ‘Tucker’! Read more…

Cromer Pier Show 2021 girls dancing, Tucker comedian and Duo Fusion Aerial act

Welcome back to the Cromer Pier show!


2020 is certainly a year we would like to forget but we can promise you a summer to remember with our all new exciting 2021 Cromer Pier show. 

The show must go on and joining our amazing 2021 cast for opening week, we have the comedy genius ‘Tucker’.

Tucker, was always the joker in the pack at school, but it was only after a career as a plasterer and as a Blue Coat at Pontins that he found his feet on the comedy stage.

Paul, known as Tucker since a boy simply because he shares the same surname as Tucker Jenkins from Grange Hill, has been a staple of the comedy scene for the past two decades. He travels the world over with his gags, observational humour and wry take on the world. In his own words: ‘I’ve been everywhere being funny.’

He has performed at Wembley Arena and The Royal Albert Hall, been on tour with Barry Manilow, Bradley Walsh, The Stylistics and had Basil Brush as companion!  His theory is that there are two types of comedians. The first says funny things, the second says things funny.

Now into his 21st year of making people laugh, Tucker has a solo show but has also created his own variety show with Saturday night star billing at Warner Resorts.  This feeling is something he’s reluctant to let go and even though he now manages 18 artists, the call of a life touring and living out of a suitcase is strong enough for him to dramatically declare as a parting shot:

‘I’m never ever going to give up showbiz. Showbiz will have to give me up first.’

Tucker is performing from Monday 19th July until Sunday 25th July. For dates, times and to book, click below.

Show and Booking Information


Comedian Tucker performing and laughing at the Cromer Pier ShowComedian Tucker talking in to microphone on stage at Cromer Pier Show

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